Michael Dorf

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Music Producer, Wine Lover

Travels from New York, NY

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Nashville Who Knew Series

November 20, 2019 - REGISTER COMING SOON

Leeds Business School, Univ. of Colorado

December 10, 2019 -  REGISTER COMING SOON

Previous Speaking Highlights

Keynote: Oregon Wine Symposium, Wine Entrepreneurship - VIDEO
Washington University Business School Commencement Address - VIDEO
Luncheon Keynote:  Wine and Spirits Wholesalers Association
Conscious Capitalism New York Feature
NYU Business School, Entertainment MBA Program
Syracuse University, Music Business Program
Luncheon Keynote: BMW Executive Leadership Group on Teamwork
Global Leadership Summit, The Times Center
CMJ Marathon
New Music Seminar
Billboard Music Conference
Citi Bank’s Emerging Restaurant Forum
Inc 5000 Conference, Fireside chat with Paul Keegan
Mondo Music Conference, Fireside chat with Joan Osborne
Emerson College
NYU Business School
Fast Company Innovation Conference

"Michael's book and the talk was a living syllabus. In an hour he takes you through the art, passion, determination, and grit needed to be an entrepreneur in the arts and hospitality.  All the while he illustrates somewhat complex topics such as the customer journey, intellectual property issues, venture funding, real estate development and marketing.  This should be required reading for all business programs."


-Wes Jackson, Director, Business Enterprises, Emerson College